NHK Art plans, produces and provides both arts and designs for television programs and management for events and halls with its comprehensive art and design skills. NHK Art is the one-stop solution provider and producer.

  • TV ART

    We plan, provide and manage comprehensive and integrated artworks from stage settings, properties, decoration, costumes, landscaping, make-up, and titles for TV programs, movies, and commercials, to stages.


    We design and direct comprehensive and integrated wide ranges of mediums from digital content such as computer graphics, VFX, virtual sets, website and applications, and logos to digital branding.


    We provide development plans and environmental design for cultural facilities such as museums and art museums. We also produce from planning, management, design, construction, and direction to implementation of expositions, exhibitions, and events.

  • HALL

    We support the management of halls and theaters with highly specialized technical skills in staging, lighting, sounds, and imaging. We also provide comprehensive services from planning, management, and art decoration to video distribution.


  • “Kamakura-dono no Jyusan-nin (The 13 Lords of the Shogun)”

    Production of art sets of historical drama

    NHK Art recreated the atmosphere of the Kamakura period with elaborate studio and location art sets with CG and VFX, assisted in the construction of “Taiga Drama Center”, and created exhibit items.

  • Taigan Historical Museum

    Reproduction of wall paintings for the historical drama in museums and events

    Using historical drama art production techniques, NHK Art created the old castle scene in VR content and a digital wall painting of full-size reproduction of Azuchi-jo castle utilizing drawing materials.

  • Summit-level meeting on the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

    Setting up the venue for ”Summit-level meeting on the launch of the IPEF”

    The US hosted a summit-level meeting in a hybrid format, and PM Kishida, US President Biden, and others attended. NHK Art planned the venue layout, constructed, and directed sound and lighting.

  • “Trivia Quizzes- -You‘ll Get Scolded by Chiko-chan!”

    Creation of Chiko-chan CG

    NHK Art created CG for Chiko-chan, who walks around the studio and changes her facial expression and head size. Since the program started, we have also taken charge of studio sets, telops, and graphics.

    Image: ©NHK

  • The series of NHK Special “Tokyo Black Hole”

    Comprehensive art production and automatic coloring monochrome picture system with AI

    In the novel documentary, an actor time-traveled into historical footage. NHK Art was responsible for visual art directions, VFX, and digital coloring black-and-white footage techniques with AI.

    NHK Special “Tokyo Black Hole: The Destruction and Construction of 1964” (2019) Image: ©NHK

  • NHK Special “Dinosaur Super-world in Japan”

    Production of CG/VFX

    With our rich experience making dinosaur-related CGs, NHK Art took charge of total design works and created VFX and commentary CG.

    Image: ©NHK

  • The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

    Display design, construction, and video production

    NHK Art designs and constructs permanent collections display. We also plan, build the venue and create graphics for special exhibitions.

  • “UN/BUILT Gallery”

    Preparation of actual and virtual venues

    At the Digital-on-Real exhibit, celebrated artists and creators at home and abroad displayed their works. NHK Art developed a virtual gallery and VR exhibit with VR goggles with industry-academia collaboration.

    Virtual Gallery ©Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.


Company Name
President CEO
Kyosuke Hirata
1-14-7 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0063
10 July 1961
Paid-in capital
¥200 million
Amount turnover
¥14.7 billion (2022 financial year)
Number of employees
264 (as of 31 March 2022)
Licensed 1st Class Architectural Office
(Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Permit No. 40305)
Licensed to carry out designated construction work
(Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Permit No. (23) 5326)
Authorization to security service
(Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Permit No. 30003855)
Registration of Outdoor advertising
(Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Permit No. 3256)


70th Kikuchi Kan Prize ”A Century on Film: The Butterfly Effect” (Art Direction, CG) 75th MPTE Awards 2022 Visual Technology Award for VFX section “Kirei no Kuni” (Art, CG-VFX) Science and Technology Film/Video Festival Award of Director General of Prime Minister “Miracle Body: Breaking Limits with Hyper-Adaptability” (Art Direction, CG)
47th HBF Prize for TV Entertainment, Incentive Award & Award for Excellence in Art
58th Galaxy Awards, Frontier Award “Mitsuhide‘s Smartphone” (Art, Smartphone Web Design) 47th HBF Prize for Broadcasting Technology Development and realization of the Hayabusa2 Real-time Visualization System (VFX) 74th MPTE Awards 2021, Visual Technology Award for Art section “71th Kōhaku Uta Gassen” (Art, CG, Graphics)